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We, as local communities, have an inherent right and duty to

(1) Protect the health and safety of our families & communities, 

(2) Preserve our Constitutional Rights to private property, and

(3) Defend our Constitutional Rights to clean air and water.


For years, we, the residents of Pennsylvania, have opposed the Mariner East 2 hazardous highly volatile liquids export pipeline project (consisting of the Mariner East 1, Mariner East 2, and now Mariner East 2X pipelines) that will run through our private property, and through the heart of our townships, boroughs, villages, and communities. We are using every legal means available to us to prevent these hazardous materials pipelines from being constructed. Yet our system of government, at all levels, has failed to protect us. As construction on Mariner East 2 and 2X begins, our resolve is stronger than ever to protect ourselves, our property, our communities, and our children by ensuring that the Mariner East 2/ 2X project does not get built.



  • Defy Sunoco Logistics’ plans to subject our families, communities, schools, businesses, private property, and public lands to catastrophic danger in the name of corporate profit, 

  • Defy Sunoco Logistics’ and the government’s disenfranchisement of local citizens’ rights and concerns throughout the permit application process,

  • Defy Sunoco Logistics’ conclusion that the Mariner East 2 project would have “less than significant” impacts on our land, water, and communities.



·Pledge to protect our families and communities

·Pledge to protect our children, in our homes and in their schools

·Pledge to protect our right to private property

·Pledge to protect our right to clean water and clean air,

·Pledge to protect our open spaces, public parks, community land, & public and private schools

·Pledge to protect our rights as individual citizens against disenfranchisement and corporate strong arming,

·Pledge to protect our neighbors who have been targeted and harassed,

·Pledge to protect the future of our children and our community, who must live with the consequences of the action, or inaction, that we take today.




We vow to protect our communities through all means necessary- through legal action, protest, direct action, and nonviolent civil disobedience- as Sunoco Logistics proceeds with construction of the Mariner East 2/ 2X pipeline project.  Along with our financial and material resources, we pledge to literally lay our bodies “on the line” to protect the land and the communities love from those seeking to destroy them.

Sign the Pledge

Resist the Pipeline

Thank you for signing the pledge!

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