Rep. Chris Quinn Joins Residents at Latest SUNOCO Sinkhole, Calls for Moratorium on Mariner East

Middletown Township, Delaware County, PA — May 3, 2019. Approximately two dozen residents of Chester and Delaware Counties, joined by state Rep. Chris Quinn (R-168) and a representative of Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (D-5) met Friday morning at the site of Sunoco’s latest known sinkhole along Route 1 in Middletown Township.

Since assuming office in 2016, Rep. Quinn has repeatedly expressed his concerns about the risks to public safety associated with the proposed Mariner East pipelines. “Shut it down,” said Rep. Quinn. “I’ve visited the sinkholes in the Lisa Drive area, but this area is built on granite. There shouldn’t be sinkholes here--yet there are. It’s like you’re driving a car when a warning light comes on. You need to stop immediately and get it checked out. I’m calling for an immediate halt to construction and operation of these pipelines.” “Gov. Wolf needs to shut down these dangerous pipelines now,” said Linda Ciavarelli, a Middletown resident and health care provider whose property lies in the blast zone of Sunoco’s proposed hazardous, highly volatile liquids export project, marketed as Mariner East. “There is no way that this sinkhole did not expose the leaky old 12-inch “workaround” pipeline. This project is putting our community, our first responders, and workers at unacceptable risk.” Delaware County Council procured an assessment of the risks associated with Mariner East, which was publicly released in November 2018. It predicted lethal blast and thermal effects resulting from a leak of highly volatile liquids from Mariner East could extend a mile and a quarter from the point of a release.