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Middletown Coalition for Community Safety 24-Hour Information Hotline: 302-455-8721 or

Middletown Coalition for Community Safety Offers $10,000 Reward for Information Leading to Identification of Sunoco Personnel Involved in Alleged Damage of Sunoco Equipment

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pennsylvania, April 10, 2018—The Middletown Coalition for Community Safety is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the positive identification of any person who acted on behalf of Sunoco/Energy Transfer Partners or its affiliates to damage or give instructions to damage Sunoco construction equipment.

On April 5, 2018, StateImpact Pennsylvania reported a Sunoco claim of damage to two pieces of construction equipment, and that the company “attributed the attack (sic)” to “environmental opposition” to its project.

“It is entirely possible that Sunoco ordered damage to its own equipment in an attempt to distract attention from the public safety risks and enormous property damage caused by its troubled project,” said Melissa Haines, spokesperson for Middletown Coalition for Community Safety.

Sunoco and its affiliates such as TigerSwan and Bravo Group have engaged in a pattern of behavior aimed at painting hard-working, bipartisan, patriotic Pennsylvania landowners who support public safety and property values in their communities as somehow “radical” or “far-left.” In October 2017 an industry-supported blog reported that “vandals” had damaged pipeline construction equipment in Media Borough, Delaware County as part of “struggles against ecological devastation.” These reports were never substantiated by local police and were later deemed to be fake news.

Sunoco itself, however, has a long history of damaging private property. “In Sunoco’s reckless rush to ram this export pipeline project through dense population centers, Sunoco has caused enormous property damage, trespassed on private water supplies, and destroyed property values across Chester and Delaware Counties,” Haines continued.

Nowhere is this damage more evident than along Lisa Drive in West Whiteland Township, Chester County, where Sunoco-caused sinkholes threaten the integrity of private homes, forcing residents from their homes. Landowners across Pennsylvania have also been victims of dozens of Sunoco hazardous liquids pipeline accidents and numerous instances of private well contamination and Sunoco frac-outs of drilling fluid in sensitive streams and wetlands.

The Middletown Coalition for Community Safety is pleased to offer this substantial reward in support of obtaining an accurate narrative of who is doing the damage in our communities. Information regarding Sunoco-ordered or committed property damage may be submitted by contacting the telephone number or e-mail address listed above or provided to any law enforcement agency. All information received by Middletown Coalition for Community Safety will be held in strict confidence. # # #

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