Make the Movement Move

Well I dedicate my life to the people who need the light To help them rise above the scam on the land and their lives And I'm cuttin' like a knife All the lies by the slice Independent of this democracy is really worth the bite My request in reasonable, a tribe undefeatable Ambitiously movin' toward solutions that are feasible It's unbelievable, all the slow movin' people And they could care less, just as long as they are comfortable It's unforgivable, because the conditions now are critical And whether or not you're ready we are now approachin' a pinnacle It's difficult to say exactly what to do But the change begins with me and I reflect it back to you And you, and you, and you Come on, man, make the movement move! Lyrics from “Vultures of Culture” By: Nahko and Medicine for the People

When I first learned about the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock I felt motivated to help in any way possible- donating to the legal and supply funds, sharing articles and videos to raise awareness about the issue, and staying as up to date and informed as possibl