MCCS Response to Sunoco Article

Response to January 11, 2017 Delco Times article.

Why is Sunoco so concerned about local townships assessing the risks associated with its proposed Mariner East 2 hazardous, highly volatile liquids pipeline?

Most townships along the proposed Mariner East 2 route do not have any type of risk analysis regarding the severity of emergencies that could occur during a release of ethane, propane, or butane. But at least one, Middletown Township in Delaware County, has rated hazardous materials releases as the most critical of all public emergencies it considered. If Sunoco or federal regulators possess the type of risk analysis that examines worst case scenarios and their likelihood with respect to ME2, then this information should be made available to local townships so that appropriate mitigation steps can be prepared. Evacuation plans must be area specific, taking into account the location of residences, schools, hospitals, and businesses, public notification systems, and on-foot evacuation methods.

Sunoco representatives claim that safety concerns are covered by the federal regulations that govern hazardous liquid pipelines. This is inaccurate. The proposed ME2 pipeline is being regulated as if the materials were gasoline or crude oil. But if this pipeline leaks, it w