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  • MCCS Pipeline Safety Advisory Committee presented RFPs for Quantitative Risk Assessment to Middletown Council
  • Middletown Council voted to commission $45,000 QRA to be available in time for School Safety Summit
  • MCCS initiated Watershed Study



  • Middletown releases agenda for 8/22 meeting, to introduce an ordinance granting easements to Sunoco on public land tracts including Linvilla Orchards, Sleighton Park, and adjacent to Glenwood School

  • Post on Glenwood Elementary School Parent FB page begins to pull together coalition leaders, petition circulated to stay the Council vote, elected officials contacted

  • Many residents show up to meeting on 8/22.  Fox , CBS news and Delco Times are present. Introduction of ordinance delayed to next meeting, vote delayed 30 days

  • Middletown Coalition for Community Safety is formed, FB page created

  • MCCS meets for the first time several days after the first Council meeting.   Over 20 residents attend first meeting.  Meetings continue weekly throughout August and into September

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