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Middletown Coalition for Community Safety

Middletown Coalition for Community Safety (MCCS) is a nonpartisan grassroots group of parents and residents whose goal is to educate elected officials and the public regarding the risks associated with the proposed Mariner East 2 pipeline.  The so-called proposed "ME2" pipeline is a hazardous, highly volatile liquids (HVL) pipeline slated to run through all of Middletown Township, Delaware County,  a densely populated "high consequence" area.  MCCS is working to ensure that area-specific impact studies are conducted and that emergency preparedness, notification, and evacuation plans are in place for all residents and schools in close proximity to any proposed high-pressure HVL line.  

Protecting Communities

Citizens' Report: Middletown Township, Delaware County

Citizens' Report: Middletown Township, Delaware County

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ETP Mariner East liquids pipe spills fluid in Pennsylvania again

Reuters, March 16, 2018


PUC ratifies Sunoco pipeline shutdown until sinkholes can be resolved

Philly Inquirer, March 15, 2018



"The PUC was notified through email communications from a local resident regarding the formation of sinkholes near and/ or above Sunoco's ME1 Pipeline facility. @GovernorTomWolf


100 groups around the globe join push urging Wolf to shut down Mariner East 2 pipeline [Delco Times]

Mariner East 2 puts residents on both sides of the Atlantic at risk: Communities in eastern Pennsylvania that will bear the burden associated with fracking; the communities along the pipeline route endangered by spills and explosions; and those living near the petrochemical facilities in Europe that will use the gas liquids carried by the pipeline...@GovernorTomWolf


Uwchlan Township enforcing local safety ordinance [CBS Philly]


"Other municipalities along the pipeline route should look to Uwchlan as an example of what true community stewardship looks like. Gov. Wolf has refused to protect these communities, so they are stepping up to protect themselves." [Daily Local News]


Delco council to seek bids for pipeline risk-assessment study [Delco Times]

Delaware County Council voted Wednesday to move forward with a hazard assessment of the Mariner East 2 pipeline.




The MCCS steering board includes residents from Middletown Township, Upper Providence, Thornbury, and Westtown. The larger coalition group includes 1300 members from the municipalities listed above as well as many other Delaware and Chester County communities including Media Borough, Swarthmore, Nether Providence, Rose Valley, Aston, Brookhaven, East Goshen, and others.


The Coalition is working with Delaware County municipalities to adopt Resolutions of Concern and enact Pipeline Zoning Ordinances, and is also working cross-county in collaboration with groups throughout the state that are concerned with public safety issues. In addition, the Coalition is working on the State and Federal level to secure proper regulation and oversight to ensure the health and safety of our communities.


Connecting people together to fight for their communities.

Seeking Truth and Knowledge
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All proceeds from items purchased in this store, (less processing fees), support legal action against the Mariner East pipeline project.

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