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Results Released - Citizen Funded Hazardous Leak and Probability Study Sunoco Mariner East 2 Pipelin

News Release: Effective Immediately Middletown Coalition for Community Safety For further information contact: middletowncoalition@gmail.com – (484) 441-3308 RESULTS RELEASED –CITIZEN FUNDED HAZARDOUS LEAK AND PROBABILITY STUDY SUNOCO MARINER EAST 2 PIPELINES Press Release PDF File MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP, PA – March 13, 2017 – An independent Hazards Study has validated the concerns of residents and technical experts along the proposed and highly controversial Sunoco Logistics Mariner East pipeline route. The study, commissioned by community members, quantifies the potential consequences and probability of a pipeline breach. The proposed route through densely populated suburban Philadelphia i

Make the Movement Move

Well I dedicate my life to the people who need the light To help them rise above the scam on the land and their lives And I'm cuttin' like a knife All the lies by the slice Independent of this democracy is really worth the bite My request in reasonable, a tribe undefeatable Ambitiously movin' toward solutions that are feasible It's unbelievable, all the slow movin' people And they could care less, just as long as they are comfortable It's unforgivable, because the conditions now are critical And whether or not you're ready we are now approachin' a pinnacle It's difficult to say exactly what to do But the change begins with me and I reflect it back to you And you, and you, and yo

ME2: A Timeline Retrospective

The following is a chronological account of the development of Sunoco Logistics’ Mariner East Pipeline project over the last five plus years. My source for the majority of this retrospective was meeting minutes from Middletown Township Council sessions, an interesting Sunoco Logistics presentation at an industry conference touting an NGL “export boom” leveraging the Marcus Hook refinery as well as news coverage over the years from State Impact PA (NPR). It’s worth noting that State Impact (NPR) writers have done an admirable job of covering this developing story over the past five plus years by being consistently accurate, informative and unbiased. Well done State Impact. What you will find

Time to Press Pause on Dangerous Mariner East Pipelines

Did you know that, right now, there is a LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS pipeline being installed through suburban Philadelphia? Did you know that despite being many times more dangerous than typical Natural Gas (Methane), it has been routed through densely populated neighborhoods with NO ROUTE OVERSIGHT? Did you know that Governor Wolf and many PA representatives and senators blindly support this ill-conceived pipeline and have pushed it through via eminent domain, and despite incomplete permit applications, without bothering to understand, let alone quantify the risks a liquefied natural gas pipeline presents to public safety? Sunoco Logistics’ proposed Mariner East pipelines, if installed, would ca

Response to Delco Chamber Support for Sunoco Pipeline Project

Dear Trish McFarland, President of Delaware County Chamber of Commerce: I take issue with the many false statements made in your March 7th LTE in the Delco Times. http://www.delcotimes.com/article/DC/20170307/NEWS/170309743 FALSE STATEMENT #1: "All parties had ample opportunity to share their perspective." No, they did not. The DEP never held a public hearing in Delaware County. DELAWARE COUNTY, the site of Marcus Hook, NEVER , had a public hearing. So our voices were not heard. We were completely disenfranchised. FALSE STATEMENT #2: "30,000 direct and indirect jobs related to this one pipeline project alone." This is false. Where does the 30,000 figure come from? An independent study? No, i

Moving Forward After Environmental Hearing Board

While we were disappointed with the judge's ruling last week on our request to stay the water permits, there were some very interesting admissions made by Sunoco and DEP. Among those, notably: 1) Sunoco admitted it was currently revising the plans that DEP had approved in order to better conform them to the conditions set in the permits. In other words, their construction plans currently violate the permit conditions and they need to fix them, but they're still building the project in line with the inadequate plans. 2) Sunoco admitted that they believe the only pre-construction meetings that need to take place are those with DEP, and they're having those meetings. But in fact, their appro

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