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Yes to Unions, No to Mariner East 2

One of the tactics used most frequently by Sunoco to garner community support for its Mariner East 2 pipeline is to repeat a one word mantra: “Jobs”. And, let’s face it, it’s an effective strategy. Who wants to be against jobs for their neighbors? This tactic also has the added benefit of dividing up communities, pitting union workers against activists concerned with public safety, water quality, and other issues, framing anyone who has concerns about the pipeline as “anti-industry”, “anti-union”, and “anti-jobs”. This is a false dichotomy. A little background: I come from a union family. My father’s father worked for a battery factory in Philadelphia. My father once told me a story o

Official Statement from MCCS in Response to DEP Permits

On February 13 the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection granted preliminary permits While not unexpected, the Middletown Coalition for Community Safety is extremely disappointed to learn that DEP permits on Mariner East 2 were granted today. It is an affront to the citizens of Pennsylvania that pressure from the industry would lead to permit applications being approved while deficiencies remain. The public has been disenfranchised throughout the process, with no public comment period on the current application submission and no public hearing ever held in Delaware County, despite the fact that 11 1/2 miles of the proposed route traverse our communities. We continue to ho

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