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Different Types of Pipelines

There is quite a bit of misinformation that gets thrown around regarding the Mariner East pipeline and the Natural Gas Liquids it will carry. It is prudent to clarify exactly what is planned and what it means for public safety. The proposed 20 inch diameter Mariner East 2 pipeline would move as many as 450,000 barrels or 18.9 million gallons of liquefied ethane, propane, and butane per day. These gas products, artificially liquefied within the pipeline under high pressure, are commonly referred to as Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs). There is some confusion about NGLs and how they compare to naturally liquid petroleum or the natural gas with which we are more familiar. Let's address ea


Recently, I've asked a group of industry experts to prove or qualify the statement “pipelines are the safest way to move hazardous liquids.” Apparently finding it impossible to do either, many industry supporters have decided to simply stop saying it. At pipeline public safety hearings held in Harrisburg before the House and Senate Emergency Preparedness Committees on November 16, 2016, Sunoco representatives instead came up with a new statistic: “In 2014, 16.2 billion barrels of crude oil and petroleum products [hazardous liquids] were delivered by pipeline. 99.999% of these products reached their destination safely.” Let’s take a closer look 1. Why did they use 2014 data instead of 20

MCCS Response to Sunoco Article

Response to January 11, 2017 Delco Times article. Why is Sunoco so concerned about local townships assessing the risks associated with its proposed Mariner East 2 hazardous, highly volatile liquids pipeline? Most townships along the proposed Mariner East 2 route do not have any type of risk analysis regarding the severity of emergencies that could occur during a release of ethane, propane, or butane. But at least one, Middletown Township in Delaware County, has rated hazardous materials releases as the most critical of all public emergencies it considered. If Sunoco or federal regulators possess the type of risk analysis that examines worst case scenarios and their likelihood with respect

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